Hydrogen Water

"Upgrade Your Water"
Sounds like the biggest scam. But the research suggests otherwise. Too impressive to ignore. From anti-oxidant potential, inflammation, to energy levels, this is no joke. Athletes have known about this for years.
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How to use


Selective Reduction: Attack only the cell toxic, DNA damaging, energy robbing free radicals. Prevention: Decrease the number of bad free radicals being created in the first place. Activation: Stimulate your body's very own intelligent protective pathways.


  • Drinking hydrogen water protected mitochondria, the body’s energy powerhouse, in several studies of 41 people with muscle diseases. They drank 0.5-1 L of hydrogen water per day (4). 
  • A pioneering study by Japanese group found that 4-day administration of hydrogen water (~ 0.04 mM H2) increases expression of mRNA encoding ghrelin, a growth hormone secretagogue (5).
  • Hydrogen has shown incredible promise in assisting both in healthy glucose levels as well as increasing insulin sensitivity in both animals and human studies of metabolic syndrome and diabetes- both types I and II (8).
  • While hydrogen administration does not directly eliminate inflammation it will down-regulate the production of pro inflammatory cytokines through various pathways when excess inflammation occurs which can promote a normal level of inflammation (9).

Gut Health

  • The consumption of hydrogen-rich water improved the diversity and abundance of the gut flora in athletes (6).
  • Hydrogen-rich water has shown protective effects on the imbalance of intestinal microbiota, reducing the SCFAs production and the higher diarrhea rate (7).


  • Increases superoxide dismutase, the body's major antioxidant system, thereby supporting energy levels (1).
  • Drinking hydrogen water daily helped 8 cyclists power through sprints with more energy and less exhaustion (2).
  • Drinking Hydrogen Water Enhances Endurance and Relieves Psychometric Fatigue: Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Study (3).

How to use

Hydrogen Water


1 Tablet, 2-4 times daily. However, start SLOW, this product is extremely potent (Nano bubbles).



Need to find the right dose for you? Consider coaching.

Dosing strategy:

Positive effects are noticed in 1-2 weeks of consistent use.

Ideal for:

Athletes, Anti-aging, Stress, Recovery.


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Hydrogen water is nothing new. It's just not many people have even heard of it. It sounds like the biggest scam, but the studies are just too overwhelmingly positive to be ignored.


At first, Hydrogen water tuned up my metabolism too much, that it sent my hypoglycaemic/low blood sugar. I wish I had the tools and the blood tests to measure my inflammation levels and blood sugar levels. I am confident this is a powerful tool to leverage for optimal performance.

Lucas, BYB founder