Are you ready to launch your own product? Look no further—I'm a globally recognized name in the field, renowned for my exceptional prowess in transforming concepts into revolutionary products.

Product formulations

  • Ingredients
  • Dosages & serving size
  • Contraindications
  • Scientific evidence


  • Connect with my vast network of  manufacturers, distributors and experts
  • Assistance with procuring ingredients, manufacturing and distribution

My Formulation Experience & Recognition

Are you ready to launch your own product? Look no further—I'm a globally recognized name in the field, renowned for my exceptional prowess in transforming concepts into revolutionary products.

My passion for pushing the boundaries and my dedication to staying at the forefront of innovation have earned me a reputation that spans continents. With a mind that thrives on the leading edge, I consistently unveil ideas that challenge norms and redefine industry standards. I'm proud to share that my work has attracted the attention and commendation of luminaries such as Dr. Andrew Huberman, Ben Greenfield Fitness, and Shawn Wells.

With me on your team, your journey towards achieving greatness with your health product is set to be nothing short of exceptional.


My formulation focus areas

Health supplements

Key outcomes

Improve metabolic health

Support general wellbeing

Support overall health

Nootropics & cognitive enhancement

Key outcomes

Optimise focus

Enhance productivity

Support brain function

Men’s health

Key outcomes

Boost Testosterone

Reduce cortisol

Improve overall hormonal health

Performance & testosterone

Key outcomes

Optimise DHT 

Optimise hormones

Improve sexual performance

Pre-workouts & muscle growth

Key outcomes

Support muscle growth

Enhance workout performance

Optimise recovery


Key outcomes

Activate longevity pathways

Optimise healthspan

Support telomeres

Gut health

Key outcomes

Enhance gut health

Improve microbiome

Reduce gut issues

Energy products

Key outcomes

Enhance endurance

Increase energy

Enhance drive

Who you are

  • Someone who has a health product idea in mind, but struggling to know which ingredients to include, the dosages, synergies and entire infrastructure required in launching a product to market.
  • Someone who already has a range of supplements on the market, but they want me to make their products better.
  • Someone who wants to expand their product range.
  • Someone with minimal supplement experience.
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My process

phase 01

Product goal

Determine the intended goal of the product (Eg. Boost Energy or Enhance sleep).


Customer benefits

Map out key criteria in which customer expects from the product.


Identify relevant ingredients

Shortlist a range of ingredients that align with the goals of the product.


Determine specific dosages

Adjust the dosages based upon the exact goals of the product.


Develop draft formulas

Map out potential formulas for further refinement.


Create sample formulation to test

Personally experiement with the product itself and 'feel' it's benefits.


Compile scientific evidence

Create rationale/justification/scientific evidence for each ingredient.


A comprehensive formulation for your  product idea.

Tailored to your exact target market

Clinically dosed ingredients

Unmatchable synergistic considerations

What sets me apart?

I have a database of over +2500 different ingredients to select from!

Why hire me?

In the world of supplement formulation, where expertise is diverse, choosing the right partner is paramount. Allow me to explain why I, Lucas, am the superior choice for your next venture.

My track record isn't just impressive; it's a testament to my unwavering commitment to crafting products that redefine industry standards.

For example, I was the FIRST person in Australia to use the ingredient Teacrine®, which then went on to become the MOST popular ingredient in all pre-workouts.

What sets me apart? It's the fusion of my visionary thinking with an insatiable hunger for innovation. I'm not just a formulator; I'm an architect of transformational ideas that challenge norms and catalyze change.

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Question & Answers

Q. How can Lucas help me?

Lucas has worked with a range of business owners and supplement companies in the past, with unique product goals and desires. He is willing to listen to your desired goals and deliver expert advisory.

Q. Will Lucas be contactable after starting a project?

Yes. Lucas provides email support and check-in calls via zoom on an as needed basis.

Q. What if I have more than 1 product idea?

Lucas will be happy to accommodate and offer a discounted price.

Q. Are the ingredients Lucas selects available in my country?

Most of the ingredients recommended are accessible worldwide, however, Lucas will ensure that ingredient recommendations can be delivered to your country.

Q. How many revisions will Lucas make?

As many required to perfect the product.