CreGAAtine® Supplement (The New Creatine)

"8.5X More Effective Than Creatine Monohydrate"
CreGAAtine is a unique creatine proprietary blend that contains creatine precursor GAA – Guanidinoacetic acid. CreGAAtine is an evidence based nutraceutical, safe, patented and doping-free verified. Award winning research result by European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN). CreGAAtine dramatically improves creatine levels in the muscles and the brain. Most people are deficit in creatine.

There are many creatine formulations available on the market now. Most of them claim how superior the ’’new’’ formulation is to the standard creatine-monohydrate, but actually it has not been scientifically proven for none of them. Most creatine formulations you can find on shelves in sport supplements stores are different chemical versions of creatine itself, e.g. either it is creatine salt, ester or the acidity of the formulation was changed. The real thing is that none of them contains something new or innovative, it was just a tweak in the current formulation aimed to increase sales. But, the creatine story has changed with CreGAAtine.

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How to use


Award-winning creatine formulation CreGAAtine is safe, patented, and doping-free verified. Award-winning research result by the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN). CreGAAtine is an evidence-based nutraceutical. You can take a deep dive with our wrapped-up science pdf or go even further and read some of the 200+ GAA research studies.


  • CreGAAtine provides 3.9x more creatine in gray matter and 1.9x in white matter. It can potentially boost your memory, perception, learning, attention, and decision-making. CreGAAtine supercharges your cells with extra creatine using additional pathways (3).


  • Creatine-monohydrate administration over 4 weeks increases musclecreatine of about 2% while CreGAAtine leads to a 16.9% increase of creatine inside the skeletal muscle, which is a relative rise of 8.5 times. /Arandomized double-blind superiority trial compared the effect of the administration of GAA-creatine preparation to creatine alone over 4 weeks (1).
  • Creatine has only one known way of entering the cell, which over timebecomes saturated with continuous creatine supplementation, resulting ina lower capacity to transport creatine into the cell (8).CreGAAtine not only uses the regular creatine receptors, but also utilises 3 additional pathways in order to enter the cell, including GABAand taurine receptors, and even passive diffusion which does not requireany protein carrier (2).
  • CreGAAtine targets the weaker muscle groups as well, and increases theirstrength by 20% compared to creatine-monohydrate. A study on 48athletes, both men and women, demonstrated that this novel dietary agentand creatine precursor significantly improves both upper and lower bodymuscle endurance (3).

General Health

  • Creatine tends to increase total body weight by water retention giving your muscles a balloon-like appearance. A study that examined two different creatine formulations demonstrated that the creatine-monohydrate intake results in the largest incline in total and intracellular body water when compared to placebo and creatine ethyl ester. Creatine ethyl ester led to the highest increase in extracellular water in comparison to the two other groups (4).
  • Creatine is a hygroscopic substance, which indicates that creatine powder tends to absorb moisture from the air (19). As a consequence, over time creatine turns to its inactive form, creatinine, which does not have an ergogenic effect as creatine (5). Contrarily, GAA is a highly stable substance as its content does not vary more than 5% even after 15 months of storage. It implies warranted delivery of GAA and ensures its creatine-boosting and performance-enhancing effect (5).

How to use

CreGAAtine® Supplement (The New Creatine)


The recommended dosage is 2 sachets a day (Ideally pre-workout), one sachet twice a day in water. If the recommended dosage is followed, it is not necessary to take a break from supplementation.


One dose of CreGAAtine contains 1g of creatine and 1g of GAA

Need to find the right dose for you? Consider coaching.

Dosing strategy:

Best taken for 2 months consistently.

Ideal for:

Athletes, muscle growth, brain performance.


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CreGAAtine is a unique proprietary formula based on creatine that also contains its precursor GAA – guanidinoacetic acid. It brings magic to your body and brain. Developed and delivered by Applied Bioenergetic Lab and Carnomeda.

BUY NOW (Discount Code: lucas)
BUY NOW (Discount Code: lucas)

The function of CreGAAtine is to increase your energy stores so you have greater workout capacity. CreGAAtine increases the level of creatine both in muscles and in brain. Yet, CreGAAtine does it in a superior way compared to other creatine-based formulations. In muscles, CreGAAtine leads to 8.5x higher increase of creatine concentrations compared to regular creatine after 28 days.

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