Coolbeans Underwear

"Elevate your swimmers to superhero status"
Introducing the world’s ONLY scientifically designed cooling underwear for the ultimate sperm health boost! Get ready to feel the excitement and experience the difference.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable and sweaty situations with our patented cooling, yet comfy design! Our elasticised mesh pouch gently pulls the scrotum forward to prevent it from being insulated by the thighs, especially when seated. No more discomfort or awkward adjustments needed! Experience the comfort and freedom with our revolutionary design. Try it out for yourself and see the difference it makes.

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Cool Beans Underwear has not only been designed for health benefits but to also be the comfiest undies you’ve ever worn. With a patented external airflow pouch and supportive penis panel, there is no need for readjustment throughout the day. The design also helps men who struggle with skin conditions in the groin area due to sweat and inadequate airflow because our unique design cups the testicles and holds them out and away from the body.


  • Conception is a complex symphony, a delicate ballet of biology where everything needs to be pitch-perfect to maximize fertility and increase the chances of natural conception. Yet, too often, the seemingly mundane aspects of our daily lives can unwittingly play a major role in this grand endeavour. It’s time we tackle the silent, often-neglected variable in this equation — male fertility and the controversial role of underwear.
  • While traditional athletic underwear is often marketed for its cooling benefits and ability to wick away moisture, the majority are made from polyester — a choice not without its trade-offs. Polyester fibres, when in constant contact with scrotal hairs, can generate static electricity. This phenomenon, often overlooked, can have profound implications on male fertility. The static electricity generated creates micro-sized waves, capable of penetrating the scrotal barrier and impacting the testes directly. This interaction doesn’t just pose a theoretical risk; it initiates a chain reaction that can damage and even kill sperm cells.

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Coolbeans Underwear





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Daily use is best.

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Testosterone support, Fertility support & Men's Health


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Cool Beans’ patented design allows the scrotum and penis to rest and remain elevated with the aid of its external air-flow pouch and penis panel. You should wear your Cool Beans for the first 5-7 days, even to sleep. This will keep the penis and scrotum held in place, helping to reduce swelling and allowing a comfortable night’s sleep.


I absolutely love wearing these! They fit well, and the material is perfect.

Lucas, BYB founder


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