Cistus Incanus Tea

"German Respected Health Tea"
The new amazing healing cistus incanus tea proven to have more antioxidants than green tea. Cistus is not a new discovery, it is a plant which has a long tradition in the history of folk remedies and been used in ancient times for various medicinal and therapeutic purposes. Some of the documented uses included – boosting the immune system, wound healing, mouthwash, and even as beautifying facial toner.
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How to use


Cistus is a tea that offers everyone some degree of value. It especially optimises the gut microbiome, by virtue of it's potent anti bacterial and antibiotic properties. It is a modern weapon against various harmful gut bacteria.

Gut Health

  • Demonstrates potent antibacterial properties against various harmful bacteria (1).
  • Possesses potent anti-microbial effects against pathogenic microbes (1).
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties in the gut (2).


  • Demonstrates potent body-wide anti-inflammatory properties (3).
  • Reduces oxidative stress and supports cardiovascular health (3).

How to use

Cistus Incanus Tea


Scoop one gram or approximately one teaspoon into a cup of boiling water. Leave for up to 10 minutes. Re-steep more than 2 times.


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Dosing strategy:

Best used daily.

Ideal for:

Gut Health, Immune support, Improving stools/poops.


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Cistus Tea is reminds me of L-Theanine, it is generally very calming and good for the mind. It feels like it cleanses the digestive system and supports immune health.

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I use Cistus as a preventative against viruses and to strengthen my immune system. It also really supports my gut health, as indicative of type 4 Bristol stools every single time.

Lucas, BYB founder
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