Ice Pack For Your Balls (JetPack)

Your Balls Live In A Dangerous World
Chill with the JetPack at night & toss it in the freezer the next morning - reuse the JetPack over & over again.

- Made in North America
- Non-toxic gel
- So safe you could eat off of it
- A million times safer than a Chinese PVC cold pack
- No plasticizers
- No weird smells
- Adjustable Cord for a Snug Fit
- Storage Bag Included (Keeps a barrier between your balls & the food in your freezer😆)

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How to use


Because the testicles produce the lion’s share of your testosterone, optimizing their mitochondrial density (and ATP energy available) is critical to optimizing hormone production. Mitochondrial dysfunction is associated with low T levels. The good news is that cold therapy grows mitochondria, which are the power plants of your cells.


  • It’s counterintuitive, but the JetPack’s brief cold exposure improves blood circulation & oxygen delivery to the testicles
  • The cold contracts blood vessels. This helps to squeeze out stagnant blood & make room for freshly oxygenated blood
  • Cooler testicles make higher quality sperm
  • Research shows that cooler testicles make better sperm and more testosterone

How to use

Ice Pack For Your Balls (JetPack)


10-15 mins per day, up to 3 times a day



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Dosing strategy:

10-15 mins per day, up to 3 times a day. At least 12 weeks.

Ideal for:

Sex drive, muscle growth, Testosterone support.


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The Jetpack ice pack has helped thousands of men around the world boost their Testosterone levels!

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BUY NOW (Use code ergogenic to save)

This is my favourite ice pack to ice my balls. it stays cool for a perfect amount of time and is easy to manipulate around my (large) testis.

Lucas, BYB founder