“The Most Androgenic Herb”
An underground herb in Western society, Cistanche shows potential for acting as the premiere herb for restoring youthful energy and hormonal balance.

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You're probably wanting to buy Cistanche online after your friend spoke to you about its health benefits, or maybe you're just curious to read more about it. Well, in either case, you’ve landed in the right place. Cistanche deserticola is a well-known Chinese plant that has been widely grown in dry places around the world due to its unmatched medicinal and nootropic properties. The stem of the plant is ground to a powder, which is used as a medicine for inflammation, infertility, kidney disorders, and enhancing cognitive abilities.

In China, Cistanche powder has been considered an effective male tonic for centuries as it possesses strong aphrodisiac effects. To further test these medicinal claims, numerous studies were performed on Cistanche powder. However, these studies led to more significant discoveries such as its memory and immune-boosting effects on humans.

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Effect of Cistanche deserticola on Cognitive Abilities

According to various studies, Cistanche has shown profound neurological effects on rats due to the presence of certain pharmacological extracts. Glycosides improve memorization skills and enhance brain activity. GDNF is a gene that enables the healthy maintenance of neurons, and its presence in Cistanche deserticola is evident from many pieces of research.

Effect of Cistanche deserticola on Longevity

Polysaccharides present in the Cistanche deserticola plant showed reduced oxidative stress in mice and hence prevented free-radical damage. This, in turn, delayed the aging process in mice up to a significant extent indicating the role of Cistanche as a potential longevity agent.

Effect of Cistanche deserticola on Hormones

Cistanche powder has been tested to contain a good quantity of Echinacoside, and hence it increases the functionality of sperms. Many studies have also suggested the presence of enzymes which can increase sperm counts in male. Also, Cistanche has been tested against various abnormalities in males, and the results are quite motivating. According to one study, Cistanche powder can reverse male abnormalities like low testosterone production. This explains why Cistanche is said to be a male tonic.

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How to use


Cistanche targets various aspects of performance enhancement, ranging from cognition to hormones and even longevity. As a powerful male tonic, this herb completely outperforms any other Ginseng in terms of it's masculine power.


  • Glycosides present in Cistanche exhibit protective effects on the hippocampal ultrastructure, and glycosides may play a role in the delay of aging and the prevention and treatment of senile dementia via anti-oxidation (12).
  • Results indicate that Ca2+-ATP enzyme activity was enhanced, and the MDA content in the hepatic mitochondria was reduced. These results further suggested that the Cistanche effectively protected hepatic mitochondria in the D-galactose aging rat model (13).
  • Cistanche can antagonize immunosenescence and extend life-span in mice (14).

Nootropic Properties

  • Enhances Nerve Growth Factor secretion, similar to Lion's Mane, without negative androgenic side-effects (5). NGF is critical to the growth and differentiation of neurons in the brain.
  • Increases GDNF production, which is essential for the health and integrity of one’s dopaminergic system (6).
  • Significantly enhances dopamine production (7).
  • Enhances learning and memory (8).
  • Increases neurite outgrowth (9).
  • Significantly increases BDNF (6).

Hormonal Optimisation

  • Echinacoside (a constituent found in Cistanche) Increases Sperm Quantity by Targeting the Hypothalamic Androgen Receptor (1).
  • Echinacoside increases leutenizing hormones levels significantly by 1.1-fold in serum, 1.4-fold in encephalon + pituitary and 1.2-fold in testis (1).
  • Echinacoside significantly increases mRNA (Genetic) levels of CYP11A1, CYP17A1, HSD3β1/2 and HSD17β, and particularly HSD3β1/2, which are key enzymes responsible for active hormonal conversions (1).
  • Cistanche extract shortened the erectile latency and prolonged the erectile duration to minimize the negative effects of castration (2).
  • Cistanche increases sperm count (2.3- and 2.7-folds) and sperm motility (1.3- and 1.4-folds) and decreased the abnormal sperm (0.76- and 0.6-folds). The serum level of progesterone and testosterone in rats was also increased (3).
  • Reverses BPA-induced abnormality in sperm characteristics, testicular structure and normalized serum testosterone, enhanced the testosterone biosynthesis (4).

How to use



1 capsule up to twice per day (morning and lunch)



Need to find the right dose for you? Consider coaching.

Dosing strategy:

Cistanche works best in conjunction with Cordyceps, Deer antler and other TCM herbs. For full results, a minimum of 8 weeks of usage is suggested.

Ideal for:

Athletes, Libido, "Stressed Men" who need to perform.


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