Vitamin D/NIR/Red Light (MITOLUX)

Experience the revolutionary Better than Sunshine® Lamp, delivering an impressive 4,000 IU of natural vitamin D in just 5 minutes. This isn't just about elevating your vitamin D levels; it's a game-changer, especially for those facing gastrointestinal challenges. Perfect for individuals dealing with conditions like Crohn's disease or Celiac disease, our lamp offers a quick and efficient alternative for synthesizing vitamin D.

Vitamin D is essential for strong bones, a regulated immune system, and overall well-being. Often dubbed the "sunshine vitamin," it's synthesized in the skin exposed to UVB rays. However, our lamp steps in when sunlight is limited, ensuring that your body efficiently produces vitamin D, regardless of the weather.For individuals with gastrointestinal challenges, where oral absorption might be a concern, Better than Sunshine® becomes a reliable solution. With 4,000 IU of natural vitamin D delivered in just 5 minutes, take charge of your health and fortify your immune system. Embrace the convenience and efficacy of Better than Sunshine® for optimal vitamin D synthesis, especially tailored for those with unique health needs.

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UV Light Boost: UV rays emitted by our lamp play a dual role in enhancing testosterone production. Firstly, they elevate Vitamin D levels, a crucial factor in hormonal balance. Secondly, UV light activates the P53 protein, further contributing to optimized testosterone synthesis. Better than Sunshine® provides a unique opportunity to benefit from these UV mechanisms, promoting holistic hormonal health. Infrared Stimulation: The infrared rays emitted by our lamp specifically stimulate Leydig cells, the primary cells responsible for testosterone production. This targeted approach ensures a holistic and effective outcome, supporting overall hormonal balance. Better than Sunshine® allows you to harness the power of infrared light, promoting a harmonious hormonal environment.


  • Neuroprotective properties (5).
  • Attenuate cognitive decline that occurs with neurodegenerative diseases (6).

How to use

Vitamin D/NIR/Red Light (MITOLUX)


3-5 minutes per day



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Dosing strategy:

Best used regularly.

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Vitamin D enhancement


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