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"Optimise Sleep, Drug Free"
All light is not created equal: Blue wavelengths are the most potent portion of the visible electromagnetic spectrum for circadian regulation. Blue Blocking glasses are a mainstay for anyone looking to optimise their sleep. Anyone who wants to uprgrade their overall health will understand the importance of high quality sleep. Blue Blocking glasses can help you achieve that.

Filter Optix blue light blocking glasses will improve your health through better sleep and circadian rhythm. They offer 4 different high-quality colour lenses with science-based and lab-tested blue light blocking technology. The lenses effectively filter out harmful artificial lights from digital devices and LED lights, which emit high-energy artificial blue light – all day and night.

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Blue blockers are a must for anyone looking to upgrade their own sleep quality without the use of any herbs/drugs. Modern research has indicated that exposure to artificial blue light can signficantly blunt the body's master sleep hormone, melatonin. Wearing blue blockers allows helps to retrain the body when it is time to sleep. Keep in mind that melatonin is the master sleep hormone in the human body, that naturally declines with age (1). Blue blockers represent an elegant means to prevent the light-induced melatonin suppression, and can be worn anywhere, anytime. Blocking blue light serves an important biological purpose, helping to regulate your internal clock (Circadian rhythm) to control sleep patterns and other body functions; avoiding blue light at night is crucial to protecting your health.


  • Optimises melatonin production, which is critical to a healthy, deep, high quality sleep (1).
  • Since blue blockers improve natural melatonin signalling within the brain, this can increase the amount of time spent in REM sleep (2).
  • In a study conducted using blue blocking glasses, participants experienced significant improvement in sleep quality relative to the control group and positive affect (p = .005). Mood also improved significantly relative to controls (3).
  • Blue blocking glasses represent a safe, affordable, and easily implemented therapeutic intervention for insomnia symptoms (4).


  • Since blue blockers help your body produce melatonin, this hormone has been shown to extend lifespan in mice (5).
  • Blue light at night can increase the production of new fat cells, therefore blue-blockers can mitigate this. There is potential for blue blockers to counteract blue light induced weight gain (6).
  • Blue light can also increase the chances of developing glaucoma, especially when mitochondria are damaged in the eye (7), therefore blue-blockers can mitigate this.
  • Blue light exposure may increase fasting glucose levels (8), therefore blue-blockers can help prevent this.

Mitochondrial Function

  • Mitochondria represent the powerhouse of every cell, and blue light exposure can have detrimental effects on the skin's mitochondria (9). Therefore blue blocking glasses can act as a counteractive strategy to this.
  • Blue light exposure can impair retinal mitochondrial function, and subsequently may increase the risk of eye damage (10). Blue blockers are able to prevent this.

How to use

Blue Blockers (Filter Optix)





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Dosing strategy:

Blue blockers work best when used for more than 2 weeks, consecutively.

Ideal for:

Everyone who lives with electronic devices.


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Blue blockers represent an essential tool in the modern era. If you care about your overall health, you will quickly learn to realise that the best investment that you could possibly make is to make sure your sleep is sound. Blue blockers make this that little bit easier.

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Buy Code: LUCAS15

These are the best blue blockers that I have ever used. Hands down. Wearing blue blockers reliably gives me extraordinary sleeps and more energy the following day.

Lucas, BYB founder
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