BrainX (Nootropic Sachet)

An Uplifting Mental Boost.
Utilising ancient Brazilian herbs, with a strong reputation for increasing energy and brain function, BrainX delivers increased stamina and the motivational lift you’ve been searching for. Through a blend of modern science and ancient wisdom, BrainX packs a smooth kick…Giving you prolonged mental clarity on demand.
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This nootropic has been very carefully formulated to upgrade your coffee to a completely different level. Utilising ancient Brazilian herbs, with a very strong reputation for increasing energy and brain function, BrainX can give you the energy lift you need from your coffee you’ve been searching for. Through a blend of ancient wisdom and modern science, BrainX packs a smooth kick… making regular coffee feel so much less exciting. BrainX is designed to re-sensitize your brain to caffeine, through potentiating and enhancing the stimulating effects felt. In addition, it reduces the typical “crash” that most users feel and promotes a stronger, longer lasting energy boost through the use of extremely underground and unused natural nootropics.


  • Catuaba bark is known to influence both the serotonin and dopamine axis, thereby supporting overall mood, focus and motivation (1).
  • Muira puama synergises perfectly with Catuaba by acting on the D1 Receptors, and also by influencing NGF secretion, thereby supporting mental clarity and focus (2).
  • Contains extremely potent neuroprotective compounds, which are known to defend the brain against physical and chemical damage (3).
  • Helps to restore dopamine receptor density, thereby supporting motivation and focus (4).


  • BrainX contains ancient aphrodisiacs, which ignite sexual health for both men and women (5).
  • Dopamine is central to a healthy libido, and BrainX specifically targets this neurotransmitter, thereby supporting sexaul arousal, erotic thoughts and general lust (11).
  • Acetylcholine is important for sexual arousal and lubrication, which BrainX also targets through Muira puama and Uridine monophosphate (13).


  • The compounds present in BrainX support overall mitochondrial function, thereby enabling greater ATP production (6).
  • Uridine monophosphate found in BrainX may support healthy liver function, energy levels and protect the neurons against damage (8).
  • Muira puama found within BrainX has been shown to have potent anti-stress acitivity, by normalising cortisol activity (9).
  • The natives of the Amazon also used Muira Puama to treat what was referred to as "nervous weakness', which include symptoms such as lassitude, general lack of interest/motivation, tremors, sexual debility (10).
  • Catuaba and used in folk medicine for the treatment of fatigue, stress, impotence and memory deficit. The main phytochemical compounds identified in the barks of T. catigua are flavalignans, flavan-3-ols and flavonoids which are associated with its antioxidant activity (11).

How to use

BrainX (Nootropic Sachet)


1 sachet per day. 2 sachets max per day.



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Dosing strategy:

Best results are clear after 7 days of consistent use.

Ideal for:

Mood, Focus, Athletes, High Stress.


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BrainX is for elite level mental performance. It improves mood and motivation, through the use of unique compounds and ancient herbalism.

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It took me over 2 years to formulate this product and I couldn't be more proud. I spent so much time looking for the best mood, focus and energy enhancers out there. I am really confident you will enjoy BrainX.

Lucas, BYB founder
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