about boost your biology

At BYB, we research the best products from around the globe. Through integrating modern scientific evidence, anecdotal/personal reports and traditional wisdom - we create a lifestyle platform of supreme products, education and consulting to promote biohacking for those who wish to explore their version of optimal performance.

Our Vision

We see a world where optimal performance is a choice (Biohacking). With a basic understanding of physiology and the utmost human condition, herbs, supplements and other lifestyle interventions are just one of the many tools needed to celebrate a healthy mind and body.

Our Philosophy

At Boost Your Biology, we are committed to performance enhancement through Scientific Evidence, Anecdotal/Personal Reports and Traditional Wisdom.

The unfortunate reality is, that many supplements on the market today are more hype and marketing,  and less about actual results and customer satisfaction. Supplements are complex! From the technical active constituents, to the obscure labels, it can feel like supplement manufacturers would rather confuse you than give you the information you need to select the product that is right for you. I cut through this confusion and give you what you need to make an informed purchase. I understand that the best version of yourself requires a finely tuned, holistic lifestyle - encompassing proper dietary strategies, exercise, sleep, stress management, spirituality and social connectedness.

What we sell is unique, and many of the products listed deserve much greater respect than what they currently have. Ergogenic Health is a platform that promotes specific biohacks to achieve a very specific outcome related to human potential.

We aim to promote radiant health. This is the highest level of health a person can attain, and is defined as "health beyond danger." In other words, the person is so internally strong and adaptive as to be able to adapt to virtually all normal stresses, as well as many extreme stresses, and is thus capable of overcoming most serious dangers. Be an Ergogenic Health customer for life, you will be better tomorrow having started.

Our Mission

Create A Platform That Fosters Health And Performance.

Explores All Aspects of Health and Performance.

Make A Noticeable Positive Impact On People's Lives.

Provide The Best Products From Around The Globe.

Provide The Necessary Tools To Upgrade Your Health.

We Encourage You To Take Control Of Your Own Health.

My Story

From a very young age, I became interested in the effects of certain foods and herbs on my own physiological and psychological performance. When I was playing soccer, I found myself monitoring my performance very closely and discovered that some supplements were having a drastic effect on my reaction times, decision making and ability to the "read" the play. This then sparked a passion to spend copious amounts of my "spare time" to research various ergogenic aids.

During that time, I decided to take a halt on my soccer career, and study Exercise Science/Business Administration at Australian Catholic University. Whilst I only completed 1.5 years of this course, despite absolutely excelling at it, I was constantly reading scientific journals and understanding more and more about the basic physiology of enhancing the body as a whole. This naturally lead me to study Naturopathy at Southern School of Natural Therapies in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Having had some health issues myself, I began to biohack my way out of these, and got to the root cause of my issues. Through relentless experimentation and research, I have optimised my baseline to be consistently performing at a solid level. Having the privilege to work under Anthony Diclementi, I was fortunate enough to gain greater insight into various methods to enhance wellness.

As I started to improve my wellbeing and vitality, I began to realise that more people deserve to know about everything that I have gained. I had an epiphany and realised that my greatest purpose and mission is to assist and empower people to reach their fullest potential. I wanted to act as a catalyst, an information portal and teacher to give others the knowledge that they need to manipulate their own physiology and behaviours.

Too often I kept seeing my friends and family "accepting" the sub-optimal state they're in, and desperately crying that nothing will help them. I really disliked this belief. That is why I am here to make people better, every single day.

P.S - My nickname is Lokzo.

Favourite Biohacks:

Adaptogenic Herbs
Dopamine enhancement strategies
Mouth Taping before bed
Inclined Bed Therapy
Using GDA's
Sleep hacking
Lowering Serotonin
Icing Testicles
Blue Blockers
Infra-red Sauna