Natural 'Steroids' Alternative? CreGAAtine®

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Lucas Aoun

Founder @ BYB

January 26, 2023

Numerous studies confirm that Creatine monohydrate is one of the safest, most effective gym supplements available for increasing strength and building muscle. However, for some of us, it seems to have NO effect! Fortunately, we have some answers, as well as an alternative form of creatine that can overcome this.

Key Facts

  • The function of CreGAAtine is to increase your energy stores so you have greater workout capacity. CreGAAtine increases the level of creatine both in muscles and in brain. Yet, CreGAAtine does it in a superior way compared to other creatine-based formulations. (2)
  • CreGAAtine provides 3.9x more creatine in gray matter and 1.9x in white matter. It can potentially boost your memory, perception, learning, attention, and decision-making. (3)
  • Creatine-monohydrate administration over 4 weeks increases musclecreatine of about 2% while CreGAAtine leads to a 16.9% increase of creatine inside the skeletal muscle, which is a relative rise of 8.5 times. (1)

Understanding The Creatine Auto-Responder

The latest research on “creatine non-responders” found that much of the original research was done with populations outside the United States whose diet does not include as much red meat (naturally rich in creatine) as the average American's does.

When adjusted for diet, the biggest gains were seen in groups that didn’t eat much red meat, while the steak-eating crowd featured a higher percentage of “non-responders” -- basically, creatine works, but their needs were already being met.

Interestingly, how you ‘take your steak’ may tell you if you’ll benefit from creatine supplementation. Heating/cooking reduces its natural creatine content in a linear fashion (the rawer, the more creatine), so individuals who eat their steaks medium, medium well, or well done are more likely to see good results from adding a creatine supplement. On the contrary, those who frequently eat very rare steak have a higher chance of being creatine non-responders.

💡 Takeaway: If you're a vegetarian/vegan athlete, you will benefit dramatically from adding creatine. Frankly, it’s virtually guaranteed you’re already deficient.


Did you know the exact muscle group you’re trying to build, can determine whether creatine monohydrate is effective or not?

Recently, a team of researchers examined the effects of creatine in a group of 43 bodybuilders and found that the muscles of the upper body gained significantly more mass due to creatine supplementation than the muscles of the lower body.

“Upper body muscles (fast twitch fiber dominant) grow more with creatine monohydrate than lower body muscles.”

However, there’s some good news I’m about to share about a newer form of creatine that completely outperforms the already high performing monohydrate form…

Creatine is a particularly effective fuel source for fast twitch fibers, which are more prevalent in the muscles of the chest, arms, shoulders, and back.

So the monohydrate form might be skipping leg day -- but it does work.

💡 Takeaway: The researchers theorized that creatine storage and use is higher in muscles with greater concentrations of fast twitch fibers, hence it’s greater effect on upper body size and strength. (Nunes, Ribeiro, Schoenfeld, et al. "Creatine elicits greater muscle hypertrophy in upper than lower limbs..." 2017).

A Stronger, More Effective Creatine Everyone Can Respond To Is Finally Here… 

We don’t always hear about exciting news in the supplement space that is backed by credible scientific studies. But, today is an exception.

We have been told on numerous occasions that the "designer" forms of creatine out there (Kre-alkalyn, Hydrochloride, etc.) are just overpriced, marketing hype. 

And that is true.

Most of these newer, trademarked forms of creatine are just simply NOT as effective and reliable as the original creatine monohydrate form.

But what I’m about to mention to you now, will make you NEVER want to use creatine monohydrate ever again!

Allow us to introduce a new (superior) form of creatine called CreGAAtine®.

💡 Takeaway: CreGAAtine is a novel scientifically proven dietary supplement, made of creatine and guanidinoacetic acid (GAA) which is a natural organic compound that acts as a direct precursor of creatine.

Now, one of the MAJOR reasons why we see non-responders to creatine can actually come down to the pathway in which it enters the cells. You see, Creatine has only one known way of entering the cell, which over time becomes saturated with continuous creatine supplementation, resulting in a lower capacity to transport creatine into the cell..
CreGAAtine not only uses the regular creatine receptors, but also utilizes 3 additional pathways in order to enter the cell, including GABA and taurine receptors, and even passive diffusion which does not require any protein carrier. Once it enters the cell, GAA turns into creatine in a GAMT-controlled catalytic reaction and increases intracellular creatine levels. Moreover, CreGAAtine ensures the desired boost as there are less non-responders in contrast to regular creatine.

As creatine receptors in brain and muscles are close to be saturated with endogenous creatine under physiological conditions, the advantage of GAA to utilise additional transport systems creates an effective strategy to overcome limited exogenous creatine utilisation and meet advanced energetical needs in exhaustive work-out.

💡 Takeaway: Creatine-monohydrate administration over 4 weeks increases muscle creatine of about 2% while CreGAAtine leads to a 16.9% increase of creatine inside the skeletal muscle, which is a relative rise of 8.5 times (7).

A randomized double-blind superiority trial compared the effect of the administration of GAA-creatine preparation to creatine alone over 4 weeks. The results showed that the combination yields a significantly greater change from baseline in creatine level in vastus medialis muscle, a part of the quadriceps muscle group (7).

💪  Creatine has evolved…are you evolving too? Start using CreGAAtine today and ditch the monohydrate form.



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