9-MBC Powder (Nootropic)

“Dopamine Like A Child Again”
9-MBC is an industry-leading, best-in-class nootropic which delivers lasting and prolonged effects on the dopamine system.

Beta-carbolines (BCs) are potential endogenous and exogenous neurotoxins that may contribute to the pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease. However, it was recently demonstrated to have protective and stimulatory effects in primary brain culture. 9-MBC is a nootropic agent of surprising potency and multifaceted utility. It potently stimulates neuron and neurite growth. It is neuroprotective and can protect the brain and CNS from toxin-induced damage. It is strongly dopaminergic and possesses stimulant properties, thus can improve various aspects of cognitive function. *This product is not approved by the TGA, and is not recommended for Australians*

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This supplement is not approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). The information provided herein is not medical advice and should not be construed as such. This product is intended solely for use by individuals within the United States. Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen.
How to use


It improves the efficiency of the respiratory chain, leading to potentially enhanced cognitive and athletic performance. It increases the rate of neurotrophin synthesis, which can lead to memory and learning enhancement. It is, in short, the most well-rounded and effective nootropic available. It delivers clean stimulation, and sharper, faster thinking. And unlike so many other nootropics, the effects of which are disappointingly transient, the pro-cognitive benefits derived from 9-MBC should be very long-lasting.


  • Decreases inflammation, preventing microglia proliferation and chemokine release (4),
  • Protects against lipopolysaccharide toxicity (5) and reducing LDH (2, 6) (lactate dehydrogenase) (7) reduces α-synuclein (4, 5), the aggregation of which form insoluble fibrils (like lewy bodies), one of the causes of some neurodegenerative disorders, like PD and AD (alzheimer's disease).
  • Increase ATP synthesis (6), leading to greater cognitive function.
  • Significant restorative effects on the dopamine system. 9-me-BC acts as a cognitive enhancer in a hippocampus-dependent task, and that the behavioral effects may be associated with a stimulatory impact on hippocampal dopamine levels and dendritic and synaptic proliferation (8).
  • Displays potential to increase euphoria and orgasm strength, by virtue of possibly suppressing prolactin. As we know, Dopamine and Prolactin have an INVERSE relationship (11).

Nootropic Properties

  • Up-regulates, differentiates and protects dopaminergic neurons, dendrites and synapses, especially in the substantia nigra of the midbrain and in the hippocampus (1,2,6,7).
  • Increases dopamine synthesis (1,7), unlike caffeine and other stimulants, which deplete dopamine through excessive release and firing.
  • Increases neurotrophins/neurotrophic factors (NGF, BDNF, CDNF (6), GDNF, SHH (5) and decrease apoptic signals (6) like caspase-3) (2). These can significantly enhance executive functioning, alertness and motivation.
  • Increase TH (6) (tyrosine hydroxylase) expression and its transcription factors, and interacts with tyrosine kinases/ TH converts L-tyrosine to L-Dopa, needed for the synthesis of the catecholamines, especially dopamine, which can lead to dramatic increases in motivation and goal oriented behaviour.
  • MAO-B inhibition, preventing the formation of neurotoxic substances, like DOPAC (from the dopamine metabolization), 6-OH-DA (oxidopamine), and MPDP⁺/MPP⁺ (from MPTP), the major cause of dopaminergic neurons death.
  • Increases/protects/recovers the NADH dehydrogenase (or "complex I" which catalyzes the transfer of electrons between NADH and Co-Q10), enhancing the mitochondrial respiratory chain (7).

How to use

9-MBC Powder (Nootropic)


10-15mg orally.



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Students, Workers, Athletes.

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Students, Workers, Athletes.


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9-MBC is a hot new ingredient in the brain performance scene, with major potential to regenerate damage from toxins, drugs and other neurological damage. It is a great option for those looking to kick-start their dopamine production.

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Buy Now (Coupon Code: ergogenic10)

It's quite rare to see 9-MBC in Australia (Availability). 9-MBC is somewhat comparable to Bromantane, in that it is able to signficantly ramp up dopamine production, without causing overstimulation. It is a strong nootropic that should not be taken lightly, however.

Lucas, BYB founder