Can Walnuts Make You Live Longer?

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Lucas Aoun

Founder @ BYB

June 12, 2021

We’ve all heard this… “Age is just a number”. Many believe in this phrase. But it doesn’t change their life span, nor does it change the pace they age at. Some spend a fortune on many different supplements and anti-ageing creams in hopes to live longer and look younger. What if I told you there is a cheaper, and a healthier alternative?

Key Facts



What magic do these little, human brain-alike, things hold?


A lot.


First, it makes “bad” cholesterol harmless.


After consuming a fatty meal, walnuts prevented LDL cholesterol from becoming oxidized. If cholesterol becomes oxidized, it can dangerously build up on artery walls.


The researchers believe that this was partly due to the vitamin E analogue gamma tocopherol (EH et al., 2014).


Second, it controls blood sugar levels.


Two servings of walnuts per week are associated with a 33% reduction in diabetes risk in 58,063 women aged 52-77 years of age in NHS (Sun et al., 2013).


Third, it supports longevity.


The main polyphenol in walnuts is pedunculagin, an ellagitannin.


After consumption, ellagitannins are hydrolyzed to release ellagic acid, which is converted by gut microflora to urolithin A and other derivatives such as urolithins B, C, and D. These have SERIOUS anti-ageing potential (Sánchez-González et al.,2017).


Fourth, it interacts without gut.


The Human Microbiome can convert the PUFAs found in Walnuts into cell-protective vaccenic acid and conjugated linoleic acid (Bamberger et al., 2018).


What Can You Do to Benefit from This?


Eat walnuts.


Walnuts are clearly beneficial to human health.


Eating them regularly can decrease the risk of developing certain conditions.


Since walnuts can raise melatonin levels, they are best used in the afternoon or before bed.


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