Trying to Lose Weight Faster? Do This…

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Lucas Aoun

Founder @ BYB

July 13, 2021

There’s nothing easy about losing weigh. Both mentally and physically, it’s very challenging. That’s why only a few succeed and get complimented for it. If you’re on the journey of losing weight, there’s a trick you can apply to fasten your process…

Key Facts

Understanding fat loss.


Fat oxidation increases during exercise, and its determinants are well-characterized.


Exercise intensity, exercise duration, training status, nutritional state, and gender are the factor affecting fat oxidation during exercise (Stisen et al., 2006).


Train on an empty stomach.


Do you workout in the mornings?


It’s best you do it on an empty stomach. There appears to be a unique advantage to doing so…


Exercise performed following overnight fasting increases24h fat oxidation in female subjects (Iwayama et al., 2003).


Exercise performed before breakfast increased 24h fat oxidation more than exercise performed after breakfast, lunch, dinner, or in a sedentary control trial in male subjects (Iwayama et al., 2003).


Take full advantage of this.


Training on an empty stomach/fasted appears to be more advantageous to increase 24-hour post exercise fat burning in both men and women.


Next time you are preparing to exercise first thing in the morning, do it on an empty stomach.


Do it for a few weeks and see if your progress increases.


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