This Is Your Body On Spinach

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Lucas Aoun

Founder @ BYB

January 20, 2020

DO YOU FEEL GOOD AFTER SPINACH?⁣ There are some very unique peptides and compounds found in spinach that can affect us… Why is this a surprise… Food has always altered our mood. ⁣

Key Facts

This may come as a very refreshing surprise, but spinach has been found to contain a peptide known as Rubiscolin-6, which has some very interesting effects in the brain, even perhaps nootropic-like. What else is green that has psychoactive properties? ⁣
Rubiscolin-6 is a delta opioid peptide derived from spinach Rubisco, which has a pronounced anxiolytic effect (reduces anxiety-like behaviours and thoughts) via activating Sigma1 and Dopamine D1 receptors (Hirata et al, 2007). Was this influencing Pop-eye’s desires and motivation to hit the gym?⁣⁣
Spinach is also very rich in Betaine (trimethylglycine, TMG). ⁣
This occurs naturally in our cells and can get converted into SAMe, which has extremely positive effects on our mood and emotional state (Chan, 2012). ⁣
In addition, TMG provides methyl groups for DNA production and repair and for epigenetic gene regulation; for brain production of the hormone melatonin and the neurotransmitters dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine (Zhao et al., 2018). ⁣⁣
“If I eat a spinach salad, I feel great up to hours later: less tired, more calm, more clear-headed, less aches and pains, and just a general good feeling. Kale doesn’t even seem to have the same effect, and it seems nothing can match it.” -Reddit User⁣⁣
It is important to note that spinach is RICH in oxalates, which can lead to adverse health effects for some people who are sensitive. ⁣

It appears spinach possesses some rather interesting psychoactive potential. Is this the hidden reason why so many smoothie recipes utilise spinach?  Next time you opt for spinach, think of these beautiful scientific effects. ⁣


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