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Lucas Aoun

Founder @ BYB

June 10, 2020

Beetroot is gaining traction in the health industry due to some of its metabolites powerful effects, espcially related to blood flow and reducing homocysteine. Here's what the science says.

Key Facts

Beetroot supplements are enjoying success among athletes, and rightly so. Studies have shown that it improves 5km race times. But athletes looking to experiment with beetroot can just as easily eat a couple of ounces of the vegetable they buy in the supermarket. This is also effective, discovered nutritionists at Saint Louis University in the US (Murphy et al., 2011).⁣

TMG is a component found in beetroot that can directly reduce HOMOCYSTEINE levels via supporting methylation. Elevated homocysteine levels is commonly found in cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s (Rugolo et al., 2005).⁣

Working alongside Folate (B9), vitamins B2, B6, & B12, magnesium, TMG found in beetroot can support the clearance and methylation of catechol estrogens in the body (Draper et al., 2018). ⁣

TMG has been shown to reduce fasting glucose, insulin, triglycerides, and liver fat accumulation (Chen et al., 2016). ⁣

Beetroot keeps your health strong. As a performance enhancer, homocysteine lowering food, estrogen detoxifier and fatty liver destroyer - Beetroot sure is hard to beat! ⁣
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