This Berry Boosts Dopamine...

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Lucas Aoun

Founder @ BYB

August 18, 2020

👉🏽THIS BERRY IS KNOWN AS BLACKCURRANT. ⁣It has some surprising effects on dopamine. Dopamine is a brain chemical. Think of it as the anti-laziness chemical and motivates you to reach your goal. It floods through your brain in anticipation, such as before the "best bit of your favourite song.

Key Facts

The typical person with low dopamine lacks the drive/motivation to reach an intended goal. Whether that be a fitness goal, a financial goal, relationships etc. This low dopamine is accompanied by apathy and poor willpower/resilience. ⁣⁣
Phenols in blackcurrants increase the dopamine concentration in the brain via a well known mechanism of action. Blackcurrants were found to inhibit the enzyme MAO-B. MAO-B breaks down mostly dopamine. Inhibition of MAO-B may increase the dopamine concentration in the brain (Lomiwes et al., 2019). Guess what else INHIBITS MAO-B…?⁣⁣
Blackcurrant consumption in the form of juice OR eaten raw may possess psychoactive effects. ⁣

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