Larazotide Acetate: The Holy Grail For Leaky Gut? (Benefits, Dosages & How To Use)

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Lucas Aoun

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August 24, 2020

What is Leaky Gut? Most people have an idea of how important the health of our good bacteria are, but the health of our “gut barrier” or intestinal mucosa is equally important, this is what determines what is absorbed from our intestinal tract and what is eliminated.Along the intestinal tract we have many microvilli, which are finger-like projections that increase the area of absorption in our gut, and help to absorb our nutrients, if they get damaged it can lead to the intestinal barrier becoming “leakyand larger proteins and toxins that should be eliminated, can get absorbed into the bloodstream. This is what is known as leaky gut.

Key Facts

What Causes Leaky Gut?
Alcohol exposure.

-Nutrient deficiencies.
-Excessive exercise.

You Can Maintain A Healthy Gut By:

  • Avoiding gut-irritating foods, such as FODMAP rich food, gluten, lectins, crispy food, raw salads, beans, etc.
  • Avoid harmful food and supplement additives, such as carrageenan, guar gum, xantham gum, silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide, etc.
  • Avoid an excess of alcohol. Alcohol negatively modulates gut bacteria, especially Akkermansia, and causes leaky gut (1). Research found that the more permeable the intestine, the more likely someone was to be dependant on alcohol and relapse after quitting.
  • Manage stress – work, finances, family, sleep, diet, etc.
  • Expose yourself to nature.
  • Get sunlight – sunlight increases dopamine, is anti-bacteria and increases vitamin D. Vitamin D helps to synthesize an anti-microbial gut peptide.


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    Larazotide Acetate
Oral Larazotide Capsules

Larazotide acetate is a first-in-class tight junction (TJ) regulator under development as an adjunct to a GFD. Larazotide acetate appears to prevent opening of intestinal TJs by promoting TJ assembly and actin filament rearrangement, which prevents gluten from reaching the intestinal submucosa and triggering an inflammatory response.

Larazotide acetate is an oral peptide derived from zonula occludens that acts as a tight junction regulator and zonulin antagonist.

It binds to receptors of apical intestinal cells and antagonises zonulin, preventing the opening of the epithelial intestinal tight junctions caused by gluten/gliadin, glyphosate, pro-inflammatory cytokines, zonulin bacterial antigens such as lipopolysaccharide (LPS) and bacterial dysbiosis (2).

Larazotide acetate is being touted as a promising non-dietary treatment for coeliac disease and has passed multiple clinical trials (3).

Larazotide Formula



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