Why Every Man Should Ice His Balls.

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Lucas Aoun

Founder @ BYB

August 14, 2019

Ice is the best free biohack for any man who wants to optimise his Testosterone (+Libido). Rarely are men ever educated how important it is to ensure their testicles remain at a cool temperature. In this blog, I am going to change the lives of millions of men… but first let’s see what the science says:

Key Facts

❖ Why Ice?
There is a very clear reason why the testicles are located outside the body. This is because they are extremely sensitive to temperature, and must be kept slightly cooler than the internal temperature of the body.
The Leydig cells (found in the testicles which secrete Testosterone, in the presence of LH), require cool conditions to function optimally. When men wear underwear, tight clothing, sit near a laptop, hot work environments, the testicles are too warm to function.

Even a marginal increase of 2 degrees celsius outside the optimal range, can completely arrest sperm and testosterone production. Simply driving for 2 hours has been shown to increase scrotal temperature by approximately 1.7–2.2°C (Bujan, 2000).

▷ What does the research suggest:

-Significantly increase sperm count, in multiple studies (Osman, 2012).

-Significantly increases sperm motility (Jung, 2001).

-Significantly increases sperm density (Ivel, 2007).

-Significantly increases sperm viability (Galil, 1989).

-Significantly increases sperm quality (Jung, 2001).

My Blood Test Result After Icing & Taking Specific Supplements

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