Can We Really Enhance Detoxification?⁣

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Lucas Aoun

Founder @ BYB

March 31, 2021

Detoxification is when your body removes toxic chemicals, heavy metals and waste products from your body. Many doctors are quick to scoff at the practice, saying it's unnecessary. Maybe 100 years ago they'd be right. But in the modern world we are constantly exposed to chemicals in our skincare, food, tap water, clothing... It's everywhere these days. Due to this I do believe detoxification has a place in our toolkit of hacks we can use to optimise our health and functioning.

Key Facts


 The body can detoxify TOXIC chemicals and metabolic wastes from the body via the following pathways:⁣








 (Choi et al., 2012). ⁣



 Yes. To put it simply, there are certain foods that can support detoxification by UP-REGULATING the detoxification peptides, chemicals and enzymes in the human body. Certain foods can enhance LIVER metabolism whilst others can actually slow it down. For example, Garlic, is well known to detoxify the heavy metal LEAD from the body (Kianoush et al., 2012).⁣




 Glutathione, is regarded as “the mother of all antioxidants,” and is one of the most talked-about supplements in the healthcare industry. Glutathione is the master detox chemical and this is usually depleted. It detoxes metals and other toxins (Jones et al., 2015).⁣



 The following is a list of some herbs/supplements that can directly INCREASE glutathione in the body. ⁣

 -Jiaogulan (Gynostemma Pentaphyllum)⁣

 -Vitamin C⁣

 -Citrus Fruits⁣

 -NACET (N-Acetyl-Cysteine On Steroids)⁣

 -Ecklonia cava⁣

 -Selenium (Found in brazil nuts)⁣

 -Alpha Lipoic Acid⁣

 -Cruciferous Vegetables⁣

 -TMG Supplements⁣

 -Milk Thistle⁣



 (References available on request). ⁣



 Detoxification is something most of us should care about if we are striving for optimal mental and physical performance. Enhancing detox pathways must be approached carefully and under medical supervision. ⁣


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