The Super Power That Motivates You To Get Things Done

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Lucas Aoun

Founder @ BYB

July 5, 2021

“Perceive, Think, Act” – repeat. There is one neurotransmitter that is highly responsible for feelings of CONFIDENCE, and self-efficacy. This is only one of the main neurotransmitters that controls your ability to say “I can”.

Key Facts

It makes you less lazy.


It’s called dopamine.


Brain dopamine has long been known to be implicated in the domains of motivation.


Dopamine directs information flow from ventromedial frontostriatal circuits, implicated in reward and motivation, to more dorsal frontostriatal circuits, associated with cognition and action. (Aarts et al., 2011).


Dopamine makes you look forward to things in life, the anticipation of pleasure.


It improves self-awareness.


When experiences become meaningful to the self, they are linked to synchronous activity in a paralimbic network of self-awareness and dopaminergic activity.


Increased dopamine activity improves self-awareness and metacognition (i.e., the ability of the brain to consciously monitor its own cognitive processes), (Jonesson et al., 2015).


My understanding of dopamine.


Dopamine does tend to increase risk taking, which is why it may help depressed strive to reach for their unpredictable goals.


It’s a chain of motivation leading to action. And I think many regions are designed like dopamine filters to create a kind of “cellular politics.”


Dopamine is like casting a vote. Action is the votes that win and make it to the muscles. And our thoughts are not very different from muscles being stimulated.


They are just groups of cells being stimulated.


Remember this.


It appears that dopamine (not serotonin) acts to encourage motivational change, take action, conquer goals and get things done.


It is highly responsible for dictating a person’s confidence and avolition (relates to the initiative for someone to accomplish purposeful tasks).


Stay tuned as I will be releasing my very own, natural dopamine enhancing product, that will upgrade your existence on this very short time on planet earth.


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