Why Do People Fall in Love with Coffee So Easily?

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Lucas Aoun

Founder @ BYB

June 22, 2021

Most of the times, people drink coffee to get an energy boost. Whether it’s in the morning to wake them up, or before work to help them focus. Many have adapted the habit of drinking coffee and have stuck to it for many years. But have you ever wondered why so many people fall in love with coffee so easily?

Key Facts

It’s like a magical brew.


Coffee can work magic on you.


When both men and women are in love, they release a hormone called oxytocin.


Caffeine appears to raise oxytocin levels, which explains why people love their coffee.


Beyond caffeine, other strong natural oxytocin levels increasers are social interactions and intimacy.


But oxytocin isn’t just a love hormone…


It can also significantly affect the functioning of your brain and nervous system and impact your emotions day-to-day.


Low levels of oxytocin in the brain are associated with several mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, social phobia, autism, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder, tinnitus, anorexia nervosa, and borderline personality disorder (Jones et al., 2018).


And oxytocin can help you lose weight.


Caffeine targets the adenosine A1R expressed in the paraventricular nucleus of the brain, whereby oxytocin neurons reside to regulate energy metabolism.


These results demonstrate that central caffeine treatment negatively regulates energy balance by promoting the release of oxytocin, which could explain it’s pro-fat loss properties.


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