Important: You Need To Know This About Your Brain!

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Lucas Aoun

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July 26, 2021

Would you call yourself a curious person? Have you ever wanted to know more about your brain? This precious organ dictates your response to stress, the way you execute tasks and even your mood and motivation. But it can be easily assaulted, causing havoc.

Key Facts

What is the Blood-Brain-Barrier?


The blood-brain barrier (BBB) is a single layer of cells that separate the blood from the brain.


It only allows specific substances like oxygen, hormones, and certain compounds in, while blocking out others.


When this protective layer is compromised, the brain is vulnerable to damage and brain performance and mood will be compromised.


This causes brain fog (cognitive dysfunction), chronic fatigue, anxiety/depression, neurodegenerative diseases, and other neurological conditions.


What causes a leaky BBB?


·      Inflammation

·      Stress, acute and chronic

·      Mold exposure

·      High Blood Sugar levels

·      Heavy metal exposure

·      Excess glutamate.


We know that gluten has been shown to increase levels of the protein zonulin in the gut, which leads to leaky gut syndrome due to its effects on the tight junctions of the intestinal lining.


This gut permeability allows undigested food proteins and bacterial endotoxins to pass into the bloodstream, activating an inflammatory-immune response in the body.


Elevated zonulin levels in the gut have also been linked to elevated zonulin levels in the brain. Simply put, a leaky gut can lead to a leaky brain.


Once the blood-brainbarrier has been breached, your brain’s immune system – specifically its glial cells – can be activated.


Glial cells can then cause an inflammatory cascade throughout the brain (Cole, 2018).

Want to improve your brain function?

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