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August 26, 2020

Here’s what you didn’t know about apples!

Key Facts

This constituent from apples has been shown to increases NAD(+) and the NAD(+)/NADH ratio, as well as helping kidney and liver function. In addition, Malic acid has been shown to increase the excretion of aluminium (Domingo et al., 1988). ⁣⁣
Quercetin is a flavonoid you’ve probably heard about. Hopefully this is something you never knew about quercetin…⁣⁣
It increases BRAIN and Muscle mitochondrial biogenesis (Davis et al., 2009) More mitochondria = More ATP = More Energy. WINNING… ⁣⁣
Only found in the peel, has been demonstrated to have an anabolic effect, write researchers from the University of Iowa in Cell Metabolism. In tests on mice, the compound caused their muscles to grow and fat mass to shrink. ⁣⁣
Beyond that, Ursolic acid has also been shown to reduce blood sugar, improve energy levels and enhance mitochondrial function (Seo et al., 2018). ⁣⁣

Leaky gut is a commonly used word amongst health junkies. This refers to the ability of food particles/toxins to penetrate the intestinal walls/junctions. When intestinal cells were treated with the apple polyphenols, scientists observe an upregulation in tight junction proteins occludin and zona occludens (ZO)-1 (Aprikian et al., 2003). This may mean apples can help to improve intestinal wall strength and function!⁣⁣⁣⁣
Look beyond basic macronutrient profiles, and look closer into the other constituents of your food. If you like being a nerd about food, see the link in my bio for more free health hacks ⁣


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