B Complex Vitamins: Protective or Poison...?

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Lucas Aoun

Founder @ BYB

June 3, 2020

Did you know these facts about B-vitamins? Here's what the science says:

Key Facts

Exhaust fumes and heavy industry emissions in the air are known to cause cardiovascular damage, specifically autonomic dysfunction. A supplement containing B vitamins may significantly reduce the harmful impact of air pollution. This is evident from a small experimental study, which researchers at Columbia University published in 2017 (Zhong et al., 2017).⁣

Whilst you’ve probably heard that B-vitamins are completely water soluble, so any excess is eliminated, this is not necessarily the case with vitamin B6. High circulating B6 levels may have direct toxic effects on nerve cells (Perry et al., 2004). ⁣

If you take any other psychoactive herbs, adaptogens, or other compounds that are known to increase neurotransmitters, then B-Vitamins will ENHANCE the effects of these, since many B-Vitamins are known to act as CRITICAL co-factors to make brain chemicals (Jones et al., 2017).⁣

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), for example, enhances the elimination of lead from the body (Wang et al., 2007).⁣
B9 (Folate) is also needed to support METHYLATION in the body, and thus helps eliminate mercury. A negative association between serum folate and blood mercury concentrations was found in one study (Kim et al., 2013).⁣

B-Complex represent a potent strategy to unlock better health when used under proper supervision. Depending on the individual, B-complex vitamin supplements are likely best used in a PULSATILE fashion. As with all supplements, quality matters. ⁣

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