5-Amino-1MQ Capsule Benefits, Fat Loss, Metabolic Health & Biohacking

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Lucas Aoun

Founder @ BYB

September 4, 2020

What is 5-AMINO-1MQ. This compound is a small, selective membrane permeable molecule that blocks the NNMT enzyme. As fat cells grow larger, they begin to overproduce an enzyme called NNMT. NNMT = Nicotinamide N-methyltransferase. This enzyme acts to slow down fat cell metabolism (fat burning).

Key Facts

The administration of this substance to obese mice resulted in a 10-day weight loss of 7% and a 30% reduction in adipose tissue compared to the untreated group, without any reduction in food consumption.

Finally, the blood cholesterol level of the treated animals was equal to that of non-obese animals.

These good results encourage the search for NNMT inhibitors that can be used in human medicine to fight overweight and obesity.

Researchers at the University of Texas discovered a molecule that blocks this metabolic slowdown in white fat cells caused by excess NNMT. By blocking this metabolic slowdown, they were able to increase the metabolism within the white fat cells.

Researchers add that by inhibiting the NNMT enzyme, we can increase fat cell metabolism and reduce the size of white fat deposits. What made it even more effective is that it did not affect the activity of any other enzymes in the metabolic cycles which reduced the risks of any potential side-effects.

NNMT has been implicated in a number of other diseases including osteoarthritis, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular disease, cancer, Parkinson's disease, kidney disease, and other neurovascular/neurological dysfunctions. 5-amino 1MQ or another variation could be promising to treat a variety of other diseases.


  • Can reduce diet-induced obesity.
  • Can treat related metabolic conditions.
  • Activates muscle stem cells, and cross sectional area.
  • 70% increase in contractile force.
  • Ryan Smith noted an increase in vertical jump by 7 inches in just 2 weeks.
  • Can increase cellular energy regulators.
  • Can prevent lipogenesis (fat accumulation).
  • Can increase NAD+and SAM concentrations in fat cells.
  • Can regulate energy expenditure in fat cells.
    (References available on request)

This molecule increases intracellular concentrations of NAD.
NAD+ therapy can increase senescence of cells.

One trial in MICE, demonstrated the following outcomes:
-6% drop in bodyweight in 11 days.
-Cholesterol dropped 30%
-Fat cell size decreased.
-Ability for lipogenesis decreased ~70%.
-5A1MQ is orally bioavailable.
-Long lasting increases in NAD+.

50-100mg on a daily basis.
Fasted on an empty.
Could be taken pre-workout.



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