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Personalised health protocol design
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What I can help with:

Improve Sleep Quality

Reduce Anxiety & Stress

Enhance Energy Levels

Increase Testosterone

Enhance Motivation, Mood & Other Neurological Issues.

Address Adrenal Fatigue & Burnout

Accelerate Fat Loss

Support Anti-Aging

Men’s Fertility

Resolve Gut Issues

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How I can help you achieve optimal health:


Choose from one of the below packages to suit your health needs.


1 X 75 min initial consultation

3 X 45 min follow-up sessions (valid for 3 months)

Personalised health assessment

Comprehensive blood work analysis

Development of personalised health optimisation protocols

Email support for 3 months

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$ 239 USD


1 X 75 min initial consultation

6 X 45 min follow-up sessions (valid for 6 months)

Personalised health assessment

Comprehensive blood work analysis

Development of personalised health optimisation protocols

Email support for 6 months

Exclusive access to Lucas through private member area

Full access to all of Lucas’ digital products - eBooks & online courses

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Client Testimonials:

Hear what some of Lucas' clients are saying about his consulting packages.

Ziggy Daher
simon cheam
Entrepreneur & Software engineer
Jason Strauss
CO-CEO Tao Group
josh shields
Jiu Jitsu Fighter
"Lucas is all about performance."

I'm always looking for ways to improve my  wellness and performance and after listening to him on the Ben Greenfield podcast, I knew I had to work with him straight away. He's a legend!

James Newbury

Worldclass Crossfit Champion

“Lucas improved my sleep.”

Lucas' insight into health optimisation is cutting edge. I was able to implement some of the strategies that he suggested. From this my sleep has improved, allowing me to have better energy throughout the day and increased mental focus.

Isabel lucas

Worldclass actress & environmentalist.

"My productivity has never been this good!"

I've always been interested in biohacking and optimizing my work performance. Since working with Lucas, my focus and motivation has doubled. He formulated me the most incredible nootropic stacks ever.

Matt Tasso

Real Estate Agent

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Question & Answers

Q. How often are the follow up consultations?

Lucas’ follow-up consultations are flexible and can be booked in at any time within 3 months for Fundamentals clients & 6 months for Advanced clients from the date of the initial consultation. Lucas will advise the most appropriate interval between sessions for optimal results.

Q. What if I need more sessions?

Additional 45 minute consultations can be purchased for $345 USD only for existing coaching clients.

Q. How will Lucas ensure my results?

Lucas takes a collaborative approach with his clients, and checks in every 3 weeks to ensure you are on track. Any modifications to your protocol can be implemented at any point during the duration of the coaching period. You also have direct access to Lucas via email.

Q. Does the coaching include supplements ?

Coaching packages do not include supplements. However, Lucas is connected with a variety of high quality vendors, and is able to offer discounts for a wide variety of products.

Q. Does the price include relevant health testing (i.e Blood tests, Heavy Metal Toxicity test, etc)?

Coaching packages do not include the costs associated with the recommended health tests. Lucas is able to interpret, assess and structure out advanced protocols utilising your previous health tests or can advise where to source high quality, reliable health diagnostic tests.

Q. Do you work with all geographies?

Yes, since all communication is completed via Zoom video calls.

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Book a 15 min call with Lucas.

Book a free 15 minute chat with Lucas.

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Your brain is unique. Your formula should be, too.

Introducing customized supplement stacks by Lucas Aoun; tailored to your unique needs — enhance anything from creativity to energy to focus.

Nootropics are not one size fits all. Save time, money and lost productivity by having a world-leading nootropics expert design the perfect stack for you.

Get your personalised nootropics stack which has been hand-picked from over 2,000 ingredients, delivered within 48 hours  straight to your inbox.

Understand which supplements are actually detrimental to your cognitive goals (which you could already be taking!)

Gain access to the highest quality nootropics vendors from across the world.

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What custom stacks can be used for:

How it works:

See below for the steps we take you through, with examples of each phase.

Types of ingredients that could be included in a custom stack:

Lucas will choose from a library of over 2,000+ ingredients,
hand-picked from
trusted vendors.


Refers to either herbal or plant derived compounds.

Examples: L-Theanine, Bacopa, Rhodiola


Refers to man made compounds such as the racetam family of nootropics.

Examples: Piracetam


Refers to compounds that modulate the body’s stress response. Generally speaking these compounds have a normalising effect on brain function.

Examples: Cordyceps Mushroom


Refers to compounds that regenerate, enhance the production of and/or supply Acetylcholine in greater amounts in the brain.

Examples: CDP Choline, Huperzine


These are a class of stimulants that produce long-lasting mental arousal, increasing wakefulness and reducing sleepiness.

Examples: Adrafinil


Refers to a molecule that excites any bodily function, but more specifically stimulate the brain and central nervous system. Generally these molecules increase arousal and attention.

Examples: Yerba Mate’


Refers to a compound that dampens anxiety related behaviours, such as overthinking, anticipatory panic, fear and self doubt.

Examples: Holy Basil


Refers to a compound that stimulates neurogenesis (the creation of new brain cells).

Examples: NSI 189

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Who it’s for:

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, athlete, executive or general high-performer, custom stacks can help you live your best version of yourself.

Why Choose a Custom Stack?

Generic formula, generic results.
Tailored formula, optimal outcomes.

Custom Stack

Dosages are clearly defined

Personalized to your brain chemistry

Low side effect profile

Compounding benefits

Less likely to build tolerance

Save money by knowing exactly what to take (less experimenting)

Generic Formula

Dosages can be hidden by proprietary blends

Disregards your unique brain chemistry

High risk of side effects

Does not factor in long term use/cycling strategies

More likely to build tolerance

Money can be wasted paying for fancy marketing

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What’s included in the price:

Custom Stack

3 month follow-up email support by Lucas about your protocol, which includes fine-tuning your stack (if necessary).

Comprehensive assessment of your individual baseline performance and health goals.

The development of a hyper-personalised nootropics stack which contains on average 4 key ingredients sent straight to your inbox within 48-72 hours.

Tailored protocol for dosages, timing & cycling strategies to ensure optimal results are achieved.

$239.00 USD

Complete the questionnaire
Complete the questionnaire

What happens next?

Client Testimonials:

Hear what some of Lucas' clients are saying about his consulting packages.

Since my training involves being super focused and fast decision making under a lot of pressure, I came to Lucas to ask for his expertise. He put me on a tailored protocol that made me sharper when fighting. I also feel less fatigued and have better stamina overall.

Burak Surman


Lucas is a wizard when it comes to formulating and combining different ingredients. I’ve known him for a number of years and come to him whenever I have a question related to brain optimization. He hands down knows exactly how to formulate the perfect stacks for me. I feel more focused and productive being a PT and don’t come home feeling exhausted.

Ty Phillips


I’ve been watching Lucas’ videos and learning tonnes from him over the years and decided it was time to get coached by him. Since working with him, my overall quality of life has improved significantly. He knows his stuff!

Ziggy Daher

Executive/Busy Father

Question & Answers

Q. How many stacks do I receive as part of this service?

You will receive one customized nootropic stack.

Q. How many revisions to my protocol do I get?

Lucas will be able to do 3 revisions within a 3 month time period.

Q. Does the price include supplements?

The price does not include supplements. However, Lucas has access to high quality vendors from around the world at discounted rates that will be passed onto you.

Q. How will I be receiving my stack?

Lucas will promptly email your customized stack to your inbox within 48 hours (weekdays only).  

Q. Can I ask Lucas follow-up questions about my protocol?

Yes, Lucas is available via email for any follow up questions about your protocol for up to 3 months after your protocol has been prescribed.

Q. Can I access the supplements Lucas recommends from anywhere in the world?

Most of the supplements recommended are accessible worldwide, however, Lucas will ensure that ingredient recommendations can be delivered to your country.

Q.  I’d like to purchase additional stacks for different health issues. Can I get a discount?

Yes, you will receive a 20% discount for any subsequent customized stacks.

Q. I’d like to learn more about nootropics to build my own custom stacks. Does Lucas offer any do-it-yourself services?

Lucas has developed a comprehensive nootropics masterclass which you can enroll in to learn how to develop your own custom stacks. More information about this course can be found here.

Q. Does this service include coaching by Lucas?

This service does not include one-on-one coaching. Lucas offers personal coaching packages which you can learn more about here.

Still need help? Book a 15 min call with Lucas.

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