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"Fat Loss Without Even Trying"
30 minutes at the gym can't counteract the harmful effects of sitting for 8+ hours. Work shouldn't be a choice between living healthy and making a living. Finally, there's an elegant way to walk while you work, so you can feel better, burn more calories, and kick your energy into high gear.
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Sitting for long periods of time is linked to depressive symptoms. If you sit most of the day, your risk of heart attach and chronic disease is about the same as if you smoke. Your body was meant to move!


  • Physical activity likely exerts its impact on mood via reducing the activity of the sympathetic nervous system and associated hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis reactivity in the brain. In terms of monoaminergic activity, animal models highlight the role of exercise in increasing both serotonin and noradrenalin levels in the brain in a similar fashion to antidepressant medications (1).
  • Evidence also indicates increased brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) levels associated with single sessions of exercise that improve further with regular exercise (2).
  • The positive mood after walking has traditionally been ascribed to endorphins. The level of euphoria (as indexed by subjective ratings) was significantly increased after high paced walking and was inversely correlated with opioid binding in frontolimbic brain areas (3).
  • Aerobic exercise has been shown to increase dopamine levels in the striatum, hypothalamus, midbrain, and brainstem in various animal studies, further supporting the beneficial effects of exercise on memory and mood (4).
  • Treadmill exercise after social isolation increases the levels of NGF, BDNF, and synapsin I to induce survival of neurons in the hippocampus, and improves depression-like behavior (5).

Fat Loss

  • Daily walking reduces visceral adipose tissue areas and improves insulin resistance in Japanese obese subjects (6). 
  • Another study showed that both moderate-intensity exercise provided by a novel pedometer and supervised treadmill walking showed significant improvements in abdominal obesity and VO2max (7).


  • Daily walking resulted in a significant time by group interactions in fasting glucose (p = 0.008), HOMA-IR (p = 0.029), serum TNF-α (p = 0.027), and IL-6 (p = 0.048) such that the exercise group had significant reductions in those parameters, with no such significant changes found in the control group (8)

  • One study suggested that a high daily step count is associated with a lower risk of all-cause mortality in physically independent Japanese elderly people (9).

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Walking Treadmill Desk





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60-120 minutes of moderate intensity daily (<150 HR)

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Working at home, Athletes, Fat Loss


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The prominent reason that drives the inspiration to buy an under treadmill desk comes from the need to increase the time of physical participation and thus pare down the tendency to suffer from health issues that result from a sedentary and inactive lifestyle. A under desk treadmill, therefore, is your best bet if you are the kind of workaholic who doesn’t finds ample time to exercise. With under desk treadmill, you have the opportunity to walk even as you do your office work. It will keep you active, invigorated and your productivity in the workplace will also be greatly enhanced.


After doing 20,000 steps a day for about 2 weeks, I noticed extreme changes in body composition, more vascularity, reduced body fat, improved focus, improved mood, better sleep and greater mental clarity.

Lucas, BYB founder
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