"Nurture Your Testosterone Safely"
As funny as the name sounds, this product could quite possibly be the cheapest, safest and most natural long term solution to restore your Testosterone and sex life. Snowballs is an ingenious intervention to optimise Testosterone, libido and sperm count. This underwear makes it possible to keep your testicles “chilled”, which has been proven time and time again to significantly increase men’s hormonal health. Snowballs makes "Icing your testicles" super easy and convenient. Many guys find these undewear an easy alternative to specialised ice-packs, since it is so ergonomically designed. These underwear makes it easy to get your daily dosing of icing in, with an element of discreteness.
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How to use


Numerous factors contribute to the ever-lowering Testosterone levels in men (in a rate of 1% to 2% per year since 1970). In today’s society, men are experiencing drastically lowered Testosterone levels...possibly due to one of the most important regulators - TEMPERATURE. Leydig cells (which secrete Testosterone, in the presence of LH), require cool conditions to function optimally, hence why testicles are outside the body. Even a marginal increase of 2 degrees celsius outside the optimal range, can completely arrest sperm and testosterone production. Simply driving for 2 hours has been shown to increase scrotal temperature by approximately 1.7–2.2°C, reaching values of 36.2°C and working in a predominantly sitting posture has been shown to increase scrotal temperature by 0.7°C. The evidence is very clear. Men should avoid heat around their testicles, and keep them as cool as possible (without freezing them).


  • High levels of Testosterone can contribute to feelings of positivity, confidence and a reduction in perceived stress (2).
  • Low testosterone level has been linked with mild anemia, reduced muscle bulk, increased body fat, and decreased physical and work performance (4).
  • Low Testosterone is associated with fatigue, loss of vigor, irritability or depressed mood, poor concentration, and disturbances of sleep (5).

Hormonal Optimisation

  • Significantly increase sperm count, in multiple studies (6, 9, 10).
  • Significantly increases sperm motility (9).
  • Significantly increases sperm density (11).
  • Significantly increases sperm viability (12).
  • Significantly increases sperm quality (7, 6, 10).
  • Modulates LH release, leading to an increase in sperm and Testosterone production (3).

How to use



Chill testicles at any time of the day. Nightly chilling, is the best according to most men.


Need to find the right dose for you? Consider coaching.

Dosing strategy:

Chill testicles at any time of the day. Nightly chilling, is the best according to most men. Continue this practice for at least 12 weeks.

Ideal for:

Athletes, Men with low T.


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Snowballs are a super easy way to increase Testosterone output and everything else positive associated with optimal Testosterone levels.

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Snowballs underwear are extremely comfortable and easy to wear. Most positive effects of increased Testosterone were noticed within the first week. Highly recommend.

Lucas, BYB founder