Restore The Digestion

"Digestive Fire of Youth"
Experience relief from gas, bloating, food stagnation, and lethargy after meals with this time tested modified classic Chinese herbal formula. Restore the Digestion will invigorate and strengthen a weakened digestion system and restore harmony to the Spleen and Stomach giving you more day to day energy as you extract more Qi, or energy, from the foods you eat. While nothing can replace good eating habits, this formula can assist you when time and circumstances don’t allow you to make your preferred dietary choices.
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How to use


Improve digestive power and support the entire the GIT system.

Liver Health

  • Many of the herbs found within this formula have remarkable effects on increasing liver function, which includes protection and even bile production (2).

Digestive Energy

  • In Traditional Chinese Medicine, this entire formula would be considered the “Gold standard” to increase digestive power, and resolve common digestive complaints, such as bloating, gas, loose stools etc (1).
  • Improves digestive secretions, thereby enhances nutrient breakdown and absorption (1).

Gallbladder Health

  • A few of the herbs found within this formula have the ability to improve galldbladder function, by enhancing bile secretion, thereby reducing fat malabsorption, bloating and loose tools (2).

How to use

Restore The Digestion


Up-to 3 caspuels per day. Some users experience results at just 1-2 capsules per day (With food).



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Dosing strategy:

Works both acutely and chronically.

Ideal for:

Poor Digestion, Low Energy, Reflux, Gas, Bloating


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Restore the digestion is a old-school classic formula, invented by the Chinese, to assist with all sorts of digestive disturbances.

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This product works wonders for reflux, food stagnation, and even optimising stools. It even seems to have a lasting effect for days after stopping.

Lucas, BYB founder