Mitoburn (L-Baiba) - Exercise Mimicking Supplement

"Fire Up Your Metabolism Naturally"
L-BAIBA is great for athletes trying to get more out of their workout, casually active individuals looking to amplify diet and workout as well as those looking for healthy ways to get leaner and more fit. Naturally, scientists asked, “What happens if we supplement more BAIBA in these animals without exercise? Will it mimic some of the effects of exercise?” The answer was yes. Demonstrated and published in 2014, oral BAIBA supplementation activated many of the same “thermogenic programs” as exercise itself does.

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Finding ways to increase your stamina while workout or getting rid of the extreme fatigue after exercise?

Not getting to your dream goal of fitness and some stubborn inches are not slimming?

The extreme fatigue we get after a session of the workout makes us feel like not going to the gym for hours or even days. Even with good diet, stretching and supplements, it's not uncommon to be rundown by fatigue.

Mitoburn gains candy is an extraordinary supplement that not only boosts your energy for a workout but with its specially made formula from plants and animals, L-Babia extract encourages the burning of unwanted white fat while making more brown fat that gives your body strength and endurance.

Burn more with Mitoburn- targeted fat loss with improved stamina

Alpha lion gains candy is the first candy form gains tablets that include the L-babia an amino acid that is found in animals and plants but couldn't be preserved in powdered form as it reacts quickly. With our innovation and pharmaceutical marvelousness, we are the first one to make it stably available in form of candies.

The doses are clinically tested and observed closely by medical experts for no harmful side effects and reaction. The absorption of mitoburn from Alpha lion gains candy is more and the effects are remarkable. It is also a brilliant source of added ketone for keto diet lovers.

Why choose Alpha lion gains candy mitoburn

Although you may find several gains candy available in the market if you have look at the alpha gains candy reviews you will realize that the benefits from these tablets stand apart from all others in the same field. With completely natural ingredients and no added chemicals, these gains candies work by increasing the natural metabolism burning the white fat and building lean muscle making you look fitter and feel energetic.

Some of the key highlights that make alpha lion gains candy one of the best among all metabolism booster supplements are:

New improved ingredients

Gains candy includes an innovative amino acid mitoburn dose that is more effective and safe, and you see visible results within some days of use.

Natural and organic

These candies don't include any kind of artificial chemicals or medicines in them, no steroids, fillers, or propriety blends. The doses are closely observed and managed so there are no harmful side effects to your body after use.

Tested and licensed

Alpha lion exercise mimicking candies are tested and verified by HPLC and found safe and effective does of mitoburn clinically checked and quality controlled

Great results

With its highly effective fat-burning amino acid formula the immune system is boosted superbly and this formula of mitoburn gives the highest potency available in the market.

Fat oxidation and body ketone generation

What makes mitoburn gains candy this effective in improving metabolism and fat loss is that it targets on oxidation of fatty acid so that there is no extra fat storage in the liver causing obesity or many other diseases. The body burns the fat to release more energy giving you a more fitter feeling, and with more keto generation you will be able to shed more pounds with less effort.

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How to use


Increased conversion from energy-storing white adipose tissue to energy-burning brown-like adipose tissue. Increased fatty acid oxidation (fat burning.). Increased BHB levels (the primary ketone body generated when oxidizing fat). Protection against fat gain in mice that have low leptin levels. Improved insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance. Prevention of disuse-based bone and muscle loss.

Fat Loss

  • Protection against fat gain in mice that have low leptin levels (1).
  • Improves insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance (2).
  • Increases fatty acid oxidation (fat burning) and plasma beta-hydroxybutyrate (the primary ketone body generated when oxidizing fat (3).
  • There’s a possibility that BAIBA may reduce fat accumulation by decreasing LDL and triglyceride levels, and through increasing HDL levels in the body (4).
  • Increases brown fat levels, the beiging of white fat (5).


  • Improve glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity through AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) and PPARa (6).
  • Prevent disuse-based bone and muscle loss through the Mas-Related G Protein-Coupled Receptor Type D (MRGPRD) to prevent the breakdown of mitochondria and cell death due to reactive oxygen species (ROS)(7).
  • BAIBA levels increase in circulation in response to exercise, thus it serves as a contraction-induced myokine that increases energy expenditure and participates in exercise-induced protection from metabolic diseases (8).

How to use

Mitoburn (L-Baiba) - Exercise Mimicking Supplement


250mg-500mg per day. 1-2 capsules.


250mg-500mg per day. 1-2 capsules.

Need to find the right dose for you? Consider coaching.

Dosing strategy:

Best used in the morning before fasted cardio or weight training. Alternatively, it can also be used on rest days.

Ideal for:

Athletes, Fat Loss, Sports Performance


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BAIBA is a signalling molecule that induces fat loss processes. This molecule is released by the body during physical activity. BAIBA was detected by scientists all the way back in 1951, but it was only recently that they started suspecting that it is an important factor during physical training.


L-Baiba, I find, can be used to accelerate fat loss similar to other compounds like Bitter Melon, Cinnamon and Metformin. It enhances brown fat production, which I like.

Lucas, BYB founder