Memoprove (Neurogenesis Enhancer) N-PEP-12

Brain Gains
MemoProve is a groundbreaking natural nootropic which may boost memory, concentration and alertness. This blend of neuropeptides (N-PEP 12) mimics nerve growth in a young and healthy brain. It is composed of neuropeptides that counteract the neurodegenerative alterations that occur throughout the normal aging process, via providing protective and regenerative support, for neurons in the brain.

What makes this product so powerful is that it can be utilised by people of all ages, regardless of if you’re wanting to augment memory or cognition. N-PEP 12 has 2 primary mechanisms of action. Firstly, the stimulation of neuroplasticity. This involves the formation of interneuronal connections and regenerative processes, resulting in improved cognitive functions. The second main mechanism of action is the stimulation of neuroprotection. N-PEP 12 provides a protection of neurons and the connections between them via upregulation of the expression of anti-apoptotic factors. Such prevents damage to nerve cells against exposure to external factors (stress, toxic substances, etc.)

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This product is not approved by the TGA and is only suitable for US customers and other approved countries.
How to use


Taking MemoProve™ and utilizing N-PEP-12’s neuroprotective benefits, represents a valuable approach to counteract the subtle but insidious cognitive decline associated with the aging process. This clinically proven natural health product can help to support healthy memory function and cognitive performance while minimizing the risk of developing Age-Associated Memory Impairment.


  • May increase neurogenesis and is neuroprotective* (3).
  • May support healthy brain aging(4).
  • May help rejuvenate the nervous system after traumatic, neurodegenerative events (5).


  • May improve feelings of cognitive adaptability(1). 
  • May support feelings of focus(2).
  • May support learning performance. Also stimulates robust brain cell connections to enhance neuroplasticity* (4). 

How to use

Memoprove (Neurogenesis Enhancer) N-PEP-12


Adults, take 1 90mg capsule daily, with food.



Need to find the right dose for you? Consider coaching.

Dosing strategy:

Course duration is 1 month. The course can be repeated after a 1-2 month break.

Ideal for:

Those with memory problems. Those who are wanting to improve short-term memory. Those desiring improved concentration, clarity & mental alertness. Those who have to process large volumes of information/ who are under stress.Those looking to improve their overall cognitive function.


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Regardless if you’re young or old, memory is of utmost importance in your everyday life. As we get older, our memory can naturally deteriorate. Hold onto your past by acting now, before it’s too late.


For those looking for a cerebrolysin alternative, this product really appears to come close. Oral, effective and strong safety profile.

Lucas, BYB founder
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