J-147 Nootropic

"Anti-Aging Nootropic Properties"
J147 is an exciting new compound that is extremely potent, safe in animal studies and orally active. J147 is a potential AD therapeutic due to its ability to provide immediate cognition benefits, and it also has the potential to halt and perhaps reverse disease progression in symptomatic animals as demonstrated in these studies (Prior et al., 2013).
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J147 increased transcription factor Egr3 mRNA expression 8-fold following one hour of treatment, while Ngf mRNA was up-regulated 2.8-fold. HT22 cells do not make BDNF. Also up-regulated was mRNA from another member of the Egr family, Egr1, with a 2.5-fold increase and mRNA from a member of the Spred family, Spred2, with a 2.7-fold increase. J147 treatment of aged huAPP/PS1 mice increases the expression levels of several proteins involved in neurotrophin signaling. Members of the neurotrophin family maintain neuronal survival, axonal guidance and cell morphology and are key players in cognition and memory formation.


  • J-147 enhances mitochondrial function and is very effective in preventing oxidative stress. For example, J147 increases mitochondrial function by improving ATP levels (inhibiting ATP synthase, specifically ATP5A (1).
  • Fruit flies that were given J147 had a longer lifespan (9.5-12.8%) due to the effects on mitochondria. J147 can also reduce aging of the brain from use of γ-glutamyl amino acids and BCAAs (2).
  • In animal models, J147 has shown to decrease blood Glucose and HbA1c levels by increasing AMPK (3).


  • J147 reverses cognitive impairment in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), and can improve Amyloid-Beta (Aβ) metabolism and reduce levels in the brain by reducing protein levels of β-Secretase (BACE) (4). 
  • In animal models of AD, J147 can protect BBB permeability homeostasis and improve vascular function in the brain (5).
  • J147 grows the brain by increasing levels of both Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) and Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) (6).

How to use

J-147 Nootropic


Dosage yet to be determined. Please consult your healthcare professional.


Mouse studies used dosages of 10 mg/kg.

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Dosing strategy:

Best used in cycles.

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Memory enhancement, Cognitive decline


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The discovery of J147 represented a significant milestone in the treatment of age-related disorders, which was further augmented by the recent identification of mitochondrial ATP synthase as the therapeutic target.


I have personally not tried this compound, although, it appears to be promising.

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