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There are many different pathways of growth in the body - anabolic activity is not all regulated through androgen receptor (AR) activation.

Ecdysteroids are arthropod steroid hormones, mainly responsible for molting and development. Acting as a potent Estrogen receptor β agonist, Turkesterone, a natural supplement and an ecdysteroid, effectively packs on muscle through this totally different vector than just hammering the AR as traditional anabolics do. Adding to its appeal, NO known side effects of Turkesterone have been reported in clinical trials.

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How to use


This product purportedly does not suppress natural Testosterone production at all, so those who are naturals can introduce this into their regimens without the consequences that traditional anabolics provide. Turkesterone provides an additive effect on muscle accrual, via its interaction with a completely different pathway to AAS. It’s impact on muscle and strength gain has proven to be significant, so if you’re aiming to pack on size or break through a strength plateau, look no further than Turkesterone.


  • Stimulate anabolic activity and gain muscle (1). 
  • Promote muscle regeneration (2).
  • Avoid suppression of any endocrine parameters & other unwanted side effects (3).
  • Increase protein synthesis (4).

How to use

Gorilla Mind - Turkesterone


Take 1 capsule daily



Need to find the right dose for you? Consider coaching.

Dosing strategy:

Use indefinitely or in 4-12 week cycles

Ideal for:

Those wanting to gain muscle. Those wanting to increase strength. Those wanting to improve recovery time. Those wanting to reach their genetic potential naturally.


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Turkesterone allows you to build muscle and gain strength all while having no side effects and retaining your natural status. Sounds like a dream supplement, doesn’t it? Anybody that is wanting to improve in the gym, natural or enhanced, should take advantage of the promise of Turkesterone!

Lucas, BYB founder