EMF Blocking Underwear (Get Lambs)

Guard Your Gonads
Your testis are highly sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. These EMF's can damage your testis and hurt fertility.

Our beloved everyday electronic devices, such as phones and laptops, generate electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) - extremely deleterious to our health. Recent studies have elucidated the potential of EMF’s to suppress testosterone levels and lower sperm quality. Other detrimental effects of EMF’s include impaired function of the nervous system, cellular damage, and at extreme exposures, cancers and tumours have been recorded. EMF-blocking underwear can safeguard up to 99% of radiation, so you can rest assured that you’re shielding your sack whilst wearing these.

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How to use


Shield your testis from EMF, support testosterone production & optimize fertility.


  • Long term exposure to EMF can decrease the diameter of seminiferous tubules, resulting in a diminished concentration of sperm in semen, i.e. sperm quality (1).
  • The underwear’s temperature-regulating properties can contribute to increased sperm viability (2).
  • Increased serum testosterone levels (6).
  • Increased sperm motility (5).


  • High levels of testosterone can be instrumental in enhancing cognition and memory (3).
  • EMF causes suppression of Estrogen, an extremely neuroprotective hormone (7,8).
  • Low testosterone levels are associated with decreased bone mineral density, decreased muscle mass and an increased risk of diseases, such as cardiovascular and liver disease (4,9).

How to use

EMF Blocking Underwear (Get Lambs)





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Dosing strategy:

Simply wear these underwear and go about your normal life, stress-free.

Ideal for:

Those with low T, athletes & men concerned with preserving their fertility.


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From wanting to maximise quality of life through achieving high testosterone levels, to attempting to conceive a child, daily use of your laptop and phone will heavily impede such goals. Lambs’ underwear can help ameliorate this issue!


I was a fan of these underwear the day I saw these.

Lucas, BYB founder
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