Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)

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Get irrefutable data about your weight, energy and health based on your unique glucose levels. What gets measured, gets managed.Gleaning meaningful insight from glucose data can be difficult, expensive and time-consuming. Thankfully, Vively seamlessly analyses and transforms your data into science-backed insights in own mobile app
  • Track your blood sugar levels in real-time
  • Quickly identify the foods & behaviours that spike your glucose
  • Get 100s of medical-grade insights about your diet & lifestyle
  • Get expert support from in-app dietitians, available 24/7
  • 1x CGM sensor ships for free in 1-2 business days

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Designed to support weight loss, fasting, energy levels, sleep and health optimisation.


  • Improved Glycemic Control: Wearing a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) can aid in maintaining stable blood glucose levels throughout the day. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals with fatigue, as tight glycemic control has been shown to reduce the risk of low energy.
  • CGMs provide real-time data on blood glucose fluctuations in response to food and physical activity. This information can empower individuals to make informed dietary choices and optimize the timing of their meals and snacks. Research (Campbell et al., 2019) suggests that CGM-guided nutrition interventions can help regulate post-meal glucose spikes and enhance energy levels by preventing blood sugar crashes.
  • By tracking glucose trends and patterns, CGMs enable individuals to tailor their physical activity routines and energy expenditure to their unique metabolic responses. A study in the Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology (Breton et al., 2017) demonstrated that CGM data can be used to asssist with weight loss and exercise regimens, resulting in improved energy management.

How to use

Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)





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Dosing strategy:

2 week cycles.

Ideal for:

Athletes, energy, fat loss.


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Elevate the quality of your lifestyle based on your individual metabolic response. Say bye to extra doses of supplements, or to an ineffective exercising plan, by understanding your metabolism at a much deeper level. See in real-time how key lifestyle factors, like food, sleep and exercise, interplay with your body's glucose responses


Using a CGM sensor over 14 days is incredible to build up an analysis of your glucose data and other health metrics (exercise, sleep, heart rate).

Lucas, BYB founder
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