Caffeine/NALT Solution

"A Nootropic Introductory"
This combo has delivered great success, to increase energy levels and to act as a motivating and stimulating nootropic.
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How to use


Caffeine/NALT Solution offers a user various benefits, which include: Increased motivation, mood, mental clarity and sharpness. Most users also report a dramatic increase in physical energy.


  • Since L-Tyrosine is known to enhance Thyroid function, and Thyroid function plays a critical role in energy production and regulation, this may result in greater perceived energy status of the individual (5).

Brain Enhancement

  • Caffeine is a proven CNS stimulant, that enhances cognitive performance and reduces fatigue (1).
  • NALT, being a chemical variant of Tyrosine, has the ability to reduces environmental stress in humans (2).
  • NALT can act as a precursor to dopamine, norepinephrine and adrenaline, thereby supports mood, motivation and concentration (3).
  • L-Tyrosine may be able to suppress the rise in stress hormones, and therefore protect against several adverse consequences of such stress (4).

How to use

Caffeine/NALT Solution


As a dietary supplement, take one full dropper of Caffeine + N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine solution twice daily. Do not consume more than 3 mL per day.


115mg NALT, 100mg Caffeine.

Need to find the right dose for you? Consider coaching.

Dosing strategy:

Best used acutely, and cycled, as tolerance is formed quite rapidly.

Ideal for:

Students, Athletes, Busy Exectutives, Pre-workout


All vendors are vetted for quality, to ensure they contain the right active ingredients and ratios. Each vendor provides a Certificate of Analysis ℹ️, to ensure accurate dosing, and a product free of contaminants/heavy metals. Further, when brands we work with have been randomly pulled off the shelf and tested by Labdoor, they have tended to score A+ ℹ️.


Before listing products, we compile a list of available research, to determine if claims match the evidence. Likewise, we scour the the internet to gauge people’s experience with each product. Most of the products listed typically score at least [4.5/5 from reviews]. All the studies we’ve found are listed at the bottom of the page, under citations.


All products listed on the BYB website follow screening before listing, to ensure there’s a history of long-term usage without adverse effects. Many products fall under the FDA’s Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) guidelines.

Medication interactions and allergies

Please consult your healthcare professional before making any changes to your lifestyle or regime.

For further information on contraindications and allergies, please visit the vendors website.

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This solution provides a very rapid burst of mental and physcal energy, that lasts at least 6 hours. It provides a great motivational effect, whilst improving brain function.

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I find this highly energising for studying or working out. It has a clear dopamine feel to it and actually improves my musical appreciation too.

Lucas, BYB founder